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Travel Inspiration

Tour Motor Valley in Italy

Visit the factories and testing grounds of the world's most exotic cars.

Tour the homeland of legendary marques Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati, Pagani, Bugatti and many more in Emilia Romagna's picturesque 'Motor Valley'. Each tour includes a personal visit to the Ferrari or Maserati factory where you can witness the passion that goes into hand building every car. Afterwards guests are offer the once in a lifetime opportunity of racing their dream cars around the world famous Modena and Imola circuits.

In the evenings you can indulge yourself in Italy's famed 'Food Triangle' encompassing the towns of Bologna, Parma and Modena - the birthplace of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Parmigiano Reggiano, Bolognese, Parma ham and countless other heavenly treats.  

The Treasures of Turkey

With ancient manmade marvels alongside striking natural wonders, Turkey is the luxury travel destination that has it all.


Istanbul hosts some of the world’s most celebrated mosques and palaces. Visit the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace followed by a tour of The Grand Bazaar and indulge in a lavish stay at Ciragan Palace Kempinski with authentic Turkish spa and panoramic sea views.


From here, fly down to the ancient valleys of Capadoccia where whole underground cities are carved into rock and the dramatic scenery of Goreme National Park is best appreciated at dawn via hot air balloon.


To top off your voyage, no trip to Turkey would be complete without cruising the turquoise waters of the southern coastline. With sublime landscapes and an abundance of lively and authentic port towns, what better way to explore and take in the atmosphere than from the comfort of your own luxury mega yacht.

Caledonian Macnab Experience

Combine the Edinburgh festival with salmon fishing, deer stalking and a whiskey distillery tour.


Based on John Buchan's famous 1920s novel, "Jon Macnab" the legendary Caledonian hotel in Edinburgh challenges its guests to complete three activities over the course of three days: catch a salmon, shoot a brace of grouse, and stalk a Red Deer, all amidst the beauty of the Scottish landscape. 
The tailor made tours can be adventurous as you want them to be, with transfers to the north and south highlands available via helicopter. Guests can also combine this with a tour of Scotland’s World leading distilleries for a truly unforgettably experience.

The Natural Wonders of Iceland

Just below the arctic circle, yet only 3 hours from London, lies some of the world's most surreal and breath-taking terrain.


Iceland is absolutely teaming with uninterrupted natural wonders from turquoise lagoons and impressive waterfalls to towering ice capped glaciers, and from active volcanoes to geysers and natural geothermal springs. And this is before even considering that Iceland is one of the world’s best destinations from which to view the spectacular Northern Lights.


By day, explore the lava fields and glaciers by super-jeep or private helicopter. And by night, lounge and unwind in natural spas with the theatrics of the lights dancing in the illuminated sky above you. And if your thirst for adventure is still not yet quenched, why not try the traditional delicacy of rotten shark meat!


One thing guaranteed with a visit to Iceland, is that for a few enchanting days, your normal life will be suspended.

Para-gliding in the Pyrenees

Combine the great outdoors with Michelin starred food and

Barcelona's vibe.


Not many places in the world contain such an abundance of culture, mountains, beaches and fine dining than the unique Spanish region of Catalonia and its sleepless capital Barcelona.  The stunning Pyrenees mountains provide a playground for a whole host of activities; from the adventurous - paragliding over millennia old Cathedrals, to the more relaxed - trying out the World's best restaurant in the sleepy town of Girona
Many other activities are available too. White water rafting, Off road driving, Off road Segway, Mountain Trekking, Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Shepherding Sheep, Wellness Spa's and even exotic mushroom collecting. Accommodation wise, Barcelona is home to many top eclectic 5 star hotels, whilst the mountains play host to a number of luxury villas available for private hire.

Take the Orient Express to Venice

The Orient Express takes a 5 star Hotel experience and puts it on wheels. 


The legendary Orient Express, synonymous with romance, indulgence and adventure, gives guests the unforgettable experience of travelling in authentic 1920's carriages from London to Venice.


The 17 beautifully restored Wagon-Lits carriages host immaculate private cabins full to the brim with brass lamps, mahogany panelling and deep pile carpets. 3 carriages are dedicated to food and beverage. With a fine dining restaurant as well as a bar car with its very own baby grand piano.

Balloon over Burma (Myanmar)

Escape reality in the endlessly enchanting Burma.

Myanmar is one of the few places in the world that truly allows you to escape the stress of life - not even western mobile phones work here. The epically beautiful country is full to the brim of culture, landscapes and wonders. None more so than the fairy-tale plain of Bagan - a one thousand year old abandoned metropolis of over ten thousand Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries. A sunrise balloon ride over the forgotten plain will be sure to give even the most well-travelled Goosebumps in their sheer astonishment.


That is far from all the temple studded country can offer though; you can follow the path of Ruyard Kipling and the Orient Express down the Irrawaddy river to the enchanted city of Mandalay where you can join 1000's of monks in their ritual crossing of world's longest teak bridge. Down south the country boasts one of the world’s most exclusive and untouched archipelagos of over 400 islands.

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