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The Landmark Hotel - Traditional Luxury hotel in London

This luxury hotel epitomizes grandeur and elegance. Its indoor atrium ranks amongst the finest in London.

Inside and out the luxury Landmark London hotel is a piece of art. The grand building was designed to reflect the wealth and power of the Victorian era, something that it still does that in abundance. Upon entry guests are surrounded by exquisite marble columns and hand painted walls, finished with a classy amber hue. As you move through the hotel you enter its centre piece, the 8 storey palm tree lined atrium. Guests have the pleasure of having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the wonderful space, often to the elegant tune of a harp and grand piano duet.

The other amenities of the hotel should not be over looked though, the Landmark hotel houses one of the top spas in London - with a serene 15m pool. The wonderfully sophisticated 222 restaurant juxtaposes its exceptional original features with eclectic props. Finally The Mirror Bar can easily lay claim to being the best cocktail bar in London's Marylebone district.


The luxury Landmark London hotel is particularly well endowed when it comes to amenities. Highlights include the Gazebo in the Winter Garden, the TwoTwentyTwo restaurant and the Spa.

Winter Garden

The atrium is the focal point of the hotel with all the rooms arranged around it. Its glass canopy sores 8 stories over above the restaurant where palm trees sway to the sound of an eloquent harp. Whether guests are there for breakfast, lunch or dinner the Winter Garden provides a memorable experience.

TwoTwentyTwo Restaurant

Merit must go to the Landmark hotels flagship restaurant TwoTwentyTwo, whose original features combine, and contrast, with eclectic details to create an undeniably beautiful space. The food on offer is an equally bold and successful project, with British classics fusing with the latest Asian offerings.

Mirror Bar

One of the best cocktail bars in Marylebone, the Mirror bar is often a haunt for celebrities. It is easy to why with the amount of class that the Mirror bar reflects. 


The Spa and Swimming Pool

Consistently voted in the top 5 luxury spas in London, the Landmarks Spa is an exceptional venue to relax. The spa has a number of private treatment rooms along with a 15m swimming pool. Manchester United football club famously make use of the facilities when they have away matches in London.

The Landmark Hotel London
The Lobby
The Winter Garden
The Spa and Swimming Pool
TwoTwentyTwo Restaurant
Deluxe Rooms | 42sqm
Family Room | 52sqm
Landmark Suite | 110sqm
Presidential Suite | 160sqm
The Ballroom

The Rooms and Suites

Despite having over 300 rooms, the Landmark hotels rooms are amongst the largest of any hotel in London. Each one is traditionally styled reflecting the historical nature of the hotel.


* - On request


Superior Rooms | Queen Bed | Connecting* | 35sqm

At 35sqm the Superior Rooms are amongst the largest entry level rooms of any luxury hotel in London. They all have a queen bed and are classically finished with elegant Victorian furnishings. Every bathroom at this hotel is beautifully made from Italian marble.

Deluxe Rooms | King Bed | Connecting* | 42sqm

The next category up is the ample sized Deluxe Rooms at 42sqm. Similarly upholstered to the superior rooms they offer king sized beds. In the bathroom they have a separate walk in shower and deep bath tubs.


​Executive Rooms | King Bed | Connecting* | 52sqm

The Executive Rooms, 52sqm in size, accommodate a two-seat sofa and armchairs making them perfect for longer stays. Their bathrooms are similarly equipped with separate bath tubs and showers.

Family Rooms | 2 Double Beds| Connecting* | 52sqm

The same sizes as executive rooms, family rooms offer two double beds accommodating two adults and two children. The rooms can be interconnected with other rooms.

Corner Executive Suites | 70sqm

The open plan studio suites boast over 70sqm of space, with a semi sectioned off sleeping area. They are elegantly finished with a reclining sofa, executive desk and a Nespresso coffee machine.

Marylebone Suites | 1 or 2 Bedroom | 60sqm+

Slightly more modest than the corner suites at 60sqm the Marylebone Suites are great for entertaining with their separate living rooms. They also can be connected to a superior guest room to create a two bedroom suite.

Atrium Suites | 81sqm

Perching over the inner courtyard, the 81sqm Atrium suites are an oasis of serenity. Their decor continues the Landmarks tribute to the elegant living of the past - with fine Victorian pieces used throughout.

Landmark Suites | 1, 2 or 3 Bedrooms | Kitchenette | 110sqm

​With a luxuriously equipped 110sqm these suites are perfect for any special occasion. Each one has a kitchenette and the possibility to connect to two or three deluxe and executive rooms to create a truly beautiful apartment. Their monsoon showers really do provide an incentive to wake up in the morning too.

The Presidential Suite | 1 or 2 bedroom | Dining Room | 160sqm

The Presidential Suite crowns the hotel with 160sqm of superlatives. Coming in either a one or two bedroom flavour, the suite provides a dining room.



Group Layout Options

The Landmark is extremely popular with groups, with, famously, Manchester United using it as their base for games in London. Due to the size of the hotel they are very flexible with the way groups can be housed. Floors contain up to fifty rooms including a number of suites. Corridors can be blocked off with security guards present at the hallway doors.

Bluebird's Favourite Feature:

It goes without saying; the unique winter garden at the Landmark London hotel is one of our concierge services' favourite features of any luxury hotel in London. Come summer or winter, wind or rain words struggle to explain the feeling you receive inside. Words can explain the service and food though....exceptional.


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