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Luxury Travel Concierge in London - Bluebird Travel

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SINCE 1970

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Seamless journeys with taste. Discover our way.

24/7 Service

On the rare occasion your account manager is not available our landline is serviced 24/7, so someone can help around the clock when you're around the world. The line is serviced by other trained account managers too so you won’t be stuck trying to explain your situation to someone who cannot help.

Time saving

Making a booking with our concierge service can be as simple as sending a text message (or even whatsapp).  We do all the leg work, research and negotiations on your behalf to make travel as simple as possible.

Exclusive Access

Our concierge service use our network of contacts to offer access to the most sought after events, exclusive restaurants and overbooked hotels.


Each and every customer of Bluebird Concierge is given their own account manager whom they are able to contact via mobile, email, text, whatsapp or almost any other communication platform. This allows our account managers to get to know your preference personally as well as providing completely customised suggestions.

Membership rewards

We reward every hotel booking with loyalty points that could be up to 3% of the value of your stay. Unlike other loyalty schemes these points can be redeemed on any hotel brand, any airline or indeed any service.


Our concierge service never sit back, they learn your specific tastes and will notify you of any upcoming events of interest. They will also notify you of unique events happening in the vicinity of your stay.

Local knowledge

Bluebird Travel has been established in London since 1968, giving us in depth knowledge of the city. Our concierge service are able to recommend the best restaurants in London, the best bars in London and the best hotels in London

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